Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vintage Flapper Today

Recently, there has been a revival of the 1920s flapper dress as shown on Katy Perry.

In June at the City of Hope Spirit of Life Awards in Los Angeles, pop singer Katy Perry, who is known for her hip feminine style, channeled a 1920s flapper vintage bronze satin dress. Adorn her neck is lushes strand of  pearls and a beaded flapper headband.

Here is another stylish look for today's flapper.

Here is the vintage flapper of 1920's.

Louise Brooks

Watch this! It is 1920's women doing there hair showing there hair combs and hats. Very neat how they put there long hair up for the style of the flapper look. Love the music!


Some of my jewelry design are influenced by the Flapper style here is just some of my designs. 

This will be in Romantic Homes Magazine on Stands September 4th

I am, very excited about this one. This will be in a ZinePak for a new Christian singer. It also comes out in September. Sold at Walmart.
I will show you the adds when they come out.

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