Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vintage Never Goes Out Of Style

Vintage style is here to stay from hats, jewelry, clothes and handbags. Vintage cloths is still sort after today. People are going to flee markets or estate sales to find these gems.

As everyone knows vintage is my thing, I am in love with the 20's ,30', 40's fashion. I do like the 50's also.

I want to show you some vintage fashion, but show some new looks that are still worn today, made by top designers.

Here are some Vintage clothes, that I hope you enjoy looking at.

Here is a little information on history of 1930's perm.

The perm is top of the fashion agenda and Wella is leading the way. The company invents Wella Junior - the world's first portable perming machine - and sales soar.

Wella focuses on building partnerships with salons and hairdressers. Salons that buy Wella appliances are given hair care products too. The company's full support service is born to help salons flourish continually.

Wella launches its famous logo and the business expands into Europe and America. A year later, the Wella Corporation is founded in the USA.

Then in 1939, World War 2 breaks out and production is discontinued.

Here is today's fashion designer taking there inspiration from yesterday!

My designs are classic and gives my vintage jewelry a modern twist on them. Here is one of my many designs you can find on VintElegance.com


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