Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hair Styles 1920's and How They Influence us Today!

Irene Castle 1893 -1969 Irene was a fashion innovator, credited with introducing American women to the bob—the short hairstyle favored by flappers in the 1920s....bobbing her hair ten years before the flapper look of the 1920s became popular. Her elegant, yet simple, flowing gowns were often featured in fashion magazines.

Vernon and Irene Castle were a husband-and-wife team of ballroom dancers of the early 20th century. They are credited with invigorating the popularity of modern dancing. 

Irene Castle (17 April 1893 - 25 January 1969) was born Irene Foote, the daughter of a prominent physician in New Rochelle, New York. The whisper-thin, elegant Castles were trendsetters in many ways: they traveled with a black orchestra, had an openly lesbian manager, and were animal-rights advocates decades before it became a public issue. 

Here is a video on her beauty.

Tears and smelling salts was used, for the sacrifice of cutting the cascades of hair, that came tumbled to the floors of barbershops.  Men raged over the female invasion of the barbershop but at that time, the-cutting-of-hair was still a male-dominated occupation.  In some cities, long lines of women were reported standing outside barbershops while inside, many women patiently sat on floors waiting their turn to be bobbed.  In New York City, reports of up to 2,000 heads per day were being clipped.

Her is a 1930's curling and wave iron they used for the wave.

Louise Brooks is one of the classic hair cuts still worn today.

Here is a video on how to cut a Louise Brooks bob

Here are some women who still sport the bob style today. 

Christina Aguilera 

Tyra Banks

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