Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Bob Haircut: Yesterday And Today


Historically, women in the west have usually worn their hair long. Although actresses and a few "advanced" or fashionable women had worn short hair even before World War I.  For example, in 1910 the French actress Polaire is described as having "a shock of short, dark hair", a cut she appears to have adopted in the early 1890s.  Her style was not considered very respectable until given impetus by the inconvenience of long hair to girls engaged in war work.

Louise Brooks
Popularized by film stars Louise Brooks in the early 1920s, Brooks' hair framed her beautiful face perfectly, and helped turn her into a superstar.  It was then seen as a somewhat shocking statement of independence and a sign  of being "liberated".
Older people were used to seeing girls wearing long dresses and heavy Edwardian-style hair. Hairdressers, whose training was mainly in arranging and curling long hair, were slow to realize that short styles for women had arrived.  Soon barbers in many cities would find lines of women waiting outside their shops, waiting to be shorn of hair that had taken many years to grow.

Coco Chanel was definitely a spokeswoman and influential in getting bobbed hair rolling. She cut her hair in the bob style in 1917, long before the look became popular. (I love Channel)
"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!"
Coco Chanel

As early as 1922 the fashion correspondent of The Times was suggesting that bobbed hair was passé; however by the mid 1920s the Bob style had taken on many various versions, often worn with a side parts, curled or waved.   In 1924 the razor cut shingle bob was introduced, it featured hair cut close at the nape of the neck .
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Kate Bosworh
The Bob hair cut is one of those classics hairstyles that seem to never go out of style. No matter what the current fashion does, it is always a part of it.  Today the bob is back bigger than ever it is seen on fashion runway to everyday life.  It is worn by movie stars with a flair for vintage glamour.

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